Native Rhythms Flute School

The Native Rhythms Flute School is a two-day intensive program focusing on the Native American flute: Thursday –Friday, November 8 & 9, 2018 in Melbourne, Florida.

Following the Flute School, a free Playshop is offered on Saturday morning.

The Native Rhythms Festival runs Friday through Sunday. You can also get information on the festival at Facebook page for the Native Rhythms Festival.

Overall Schedule

Flute School

The Flute School offers two full days of workshops, presentations, and music-making. Our motto is “Play Play Play” and participants will be playing most of the time. The main focus for the Flute School will be:

  • Playing with other flutes
  • Playing with other instruments
  • Song composition
  • Solo performing, and
  • Health & Healing

You can join us for the Thursday or Friday programs individually ($95 either day), or for the full two-day program ($160 for both days). Early registration offers a discount off the registration fees.

We meet 9AM – 5PM each day in the conference room at the Candlewood Suites. We have a mid-day lunch break each day.

Please note that enrollment is limited to 30 participants, due to limitations on the size of our facilities.


On Saturday morning, we meet from 9AM – Noon for a facilitated Playshop. This session is sponsored by the Native Rhythms Festival and is free of charge.

While this session does use the structures and song forms developed in the Flute School, the Playshop is open to all, regardless of level of experience.

While the Playshop is free of charge, you do need to register for it as we need to limit enrollment due to the size of our facilities. You can register for the Playshop on the Native Rhythms Festival web site.


Group Trio at a flute workshop Both the Flute School and the Playshop provide a supportive, inclusive, non-critical approach based on three decades of experience in humanistic music education. We believe that experience and self-discovery form the best bonds with life-long music learning. We favor facilitated playing rather than traditional lecture-based teaching styles and use a building-block approach that maximizes learning and music-making.

Participants with all levels of experience on Native flutes (from beginners to advanced) are welcome! The program is designed so that musical growth and learning happens at all levels.

Depending on the mix of participants, we may break out into smaller groups for short periods for specific topics (such as beginner/novice orientation or advanced scales).

Our goal is for participants to come away with the ability to play with confidence, get out of a music “rut”, and obtain an understanding of rhythms, tones, and improvisation.

Native Flute Handbook

We encourage all participants to sign up for a copy of the Native Flute Handbook, a 428-page PDF e-book of articles on flute playing, flute circle facilitation and sheet music.

The book is available for free at


Our setting for both the Flute School and the Playshop is the conference room at the Candlewood Suites, a full-service resort located a short drive from the festival site:

Candlewood Suites
2930 Pineda Causeway
Melbourne, FL 32940
Phone: 321-821-9009
Fax: 321-821-9010
Web: Candlewood Suites web site

Google Maps view of the Candlewood Suites

The Festival site at Wickham Park is 3.0 miles South of the Candlewood Suites on N. Wickham Road.

You can also see explicit maps and directions on the Festival web site.

For those who prefer camping facilites, Wickham Park has a campground within steps of the Festival site. You will need to contact the Park Rangers to reserve your spot at this Campground Reservations site.


Clint Goss Clint Goss, Ph.D.

Clint Goss, Ph.D. is a trained music facilitator and performer on world flutes and an array of ethnic fusion world instruments. Clint and his wife, Vera, have facilitated energetic and inspirational Native Flute workshops since 2003. They bring out the musical potential in all participants, focusing on techniques that make music expression accessible to players with all levels of musical experience.

Clint and Vera have facilitated over 60 multi-day Native Flute schools in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Central America, and New Zealand as well as general music workshops at The Omega Institute and Stony Point. Yearly music workshops currently include Flute Haven, Flute Harvest, Native Rhythms, and Zion Canyon. Clint also presents on topics such as Flutes and Human Development, Flutes: Health and Healing, Flute Playing Physiology, and the Origins of Music.

Clint has recorded and produced over 20 CDs since 2006 on his Manifest Spirit label, with a heavy emphasis on music enrichment and education. These have included SpiritGrass, the Jam Tracks series for flute players, The Darling Conversations by Grammy®-winning artist David Darling and Julie Weber, The Listening Book and The Musical Life with William A. Mathieu, Alba with Eugene Carr, Mystic Song with Lynn Miller, From War to Peace with Ani Kalayjian, and Flute Haven Journeys with the participants of Flute Haven 2012.

Flutopedia Over the last decade, Clint has developed, an expansive resource for flute players, flute makers, and researchers of the Native American flute. He has also published original research in psychophysiology, respiratory physiology, and ergonomics related to music and the Native American flute.

Clint holds a certificate in music facilitation from the Music for People organization, a Ph.D. in computer science from Courant Institute, New York University, and FAA flight instructor and commercial pilot certificates.

Vera ShanovVera Shanov

In a room full of flute players, Vera provides counterpoint — percussion and rhythm to accompany melodic flute, performance art such as poetry, or the use of visulization and emotion in creating deep music. She makes everyone in the workshop feel comfortable with themselves and their music. Coming from a marketing background, she brings a perspective of “knowing your audience” and encourages flute players to expand their musical repertoire of styles so that they can serve a wider audience.

Vera is the registrar and the guiding force in organizing the Native Rhythms Flute School. She greets all registrants with a hug and a kiss and makes them feel immediately welcome. Vera provides all the information for workshops in terms of schedules and workshop descriptions. If there are any issues during a session, Vera is the “go to” person who will get the matter resolved.


Karen Rugg at a flute workshop Here is a brief outline of intended topics for the two days. Of course, since these workshops tend to flow based on the needs and interests of the group, this outline is likely to change in-the-moment:


  • One Breath Solos
  • Playing over Rhythm
  • Song Composition
  • The Bugle Scale, Taps, Amazing Grace
  • Solo Performance Techniques
  • Duets
  • Playing Nine Emotions
  • Ensembles


  • One Breath Duets
  • Duet Performance techniques
  • Safety and Ergonomics
  • Alternate Scales
  • Playing Over Changes
  • Powerful Solos
  • Traditional Playing Styles
  • Flute Choirs
  • Ensembles

Flute School and Playshop Registration

Click here to register for the Flute School (Thursday and/or Friday). Please note that enrollment is limited to 30 participants, due to limitations on the size of our facilities. If you have questions or issues about the registration process, please contact Vera Shanov.

The Playshop (Saturday morning) does require a separate registration. While the Playshop is free of charge, you do need to register for it as we need to limit enrollment due to the size of our facilities. You can register for the Playshop on the Native Rhythms Festival web site.

Payment Plans for the Flute School

Participants in the Flute School (Thursday and/or Friday) have the option of paying on an installment basis. You have the option to pay 50% at the time of registration, then 25% by September 1, 2018, and the remaining 25% by October 1, 2018.

Please see the registration form for details on the payment plans.

While we greatly prefer (and appreciate) participants registering in advance, we won't turn anyone away who needs to register at the event (but an additional surcharge will apply).

Cancellation Policies

Prior to November 1, 2018:

  • all fees will be refunded for any reason, minus a $25 handling fee.

On or after November 1, 2018:

  • all fees will be refunded for any reason, minus a $50 handling fee.


For more Native American flute-related information, visit:



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